The Haunting of 2018

Feature Film - Psychological Horror

David is a young man who has just gotten a new lease on life.  Driven to the brink of suicide by a terminal brain tumor, he is saved by a new miracle laser procedure. 

But after his treatment he begins to see gruesome apparitions in his old Victorian style house.  They start small, with the names “Fitz” and “Kang” appearing mysteriously in the fog of the bathroom mirror.

But then the visions become stronger and more ghastly. He sees ghosts of people that have all met with horrible deaths and call out to him for help.  But how can he help them now? And how could so many ghosts haunt a single home?

David is further troubled when the apparitions become more frequent.  He sees the dead calling out to him at work and other places outside his house.  He wonders if the treatment has done something to his brain, or if his brush with death pulled back the curtain between worlds.

As his condition worsens, he begins to see visions of his friends and coworkers, people alive and well, meeting horrible deaths.  He begins to suspect people are trying to drive him crazy, but for what purpose?  And how could they make the apparitions so real?

As the visitations become stronger, one of the ghosts tries to physically harm him, while others are seemingly protecting him for greater purpose.  As the ghosts grow stronger, David learns what they want from him.  They begin to ask him to “Kill Fitz.”

As he dives deeper into paranoia and fear, can he unravel the mystery before it drives him completely insane?  Or must he kill a man named Fitz to stop the haunting forever?

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