Minnesota Nice

One-Hour Detective Drama

Currently working on this TV show concept.

Like the old detective series, "Columbo," each episode starts with the "perfect murder." We know who did it and how they did it and the crime seems so perfect they will never get caught.

That is, until New York City Detective, Lieutenant Ignatius "Nice" Falksson is assigned the case. A Minnesota native, the rich and powerful New Yorkers see him as a lovable hick, not realizing they are matching wits with a sharp intellect with a mind for deduction.  It is a cat & mouse game as Nice narrows in on the clues and brings the arrogant killers to justice.

In the pilot episode, Nice moves to New York City to keep an eye on his twin sister and to take a job on the Mayor's new special cases task force. With a 97% success rate, the new guy from the boonies doesn't exactly receive a warm welcome from the New York detectives, but he quickly warms them over with his 'ah, shucks," country-boy persona and friendly demeanor. 

In his first case, a wealthy socialite and president of a charity is murdered in Central Park by a homeless person. But one look in the homeless guy's shopping chart lets Nice deduce the man was in disguise and wealthy. The game is on as he tracks down his prime suspect, matches wits with him and unravels the 'perfect' crime.