Reviews for “Stoker’s Wilde”

 “Morbid and fascinating” is how a character aptly sums up the events of this entertaining supernatural mash-up.– Publishers Weekly

 This book is way better than it had to be. The historical details both in the setting and in the way it is written [like it actually came from its time] was excellent.  – Book List

 It’s a romp of an adventure, filled with acerbic give-and-take between the main characters, as well as enough supernatural happenings to satisfy the Gothic horror fan. Wilde’s entries are filled with that recognizable pithy, biting wit used in his actual writings, while Stoker’s entries copy his own literary style. – New York Journal of Books

 Stunningly creative writing by Hopstaken and Prusi and an absolute delight to read. This will be an absolute favourite of book clubs as so much to enjoy and share. Brilliant. 5* –The Bookwormery

 Steve Hopstaken and Melissa Prusi seemed to have discovered an old, dust covered antique trunk, filled with documents that they pieced together and presented to the world. A piece of work that is more original and creative than any novel I have read in years. – High Fever Books

It evokes the adventurous vibe of older, classic tales. … A well-crafted read, as unique as the protagonists themselves. – Kendall Reviews

STOKER'S WILDE is immensely entertaining and engrossing, whether you are an aficionado of literary fiction and authors, the supernatural and paranormal, or just great characterization and characters that spark flame just from their constant tension and friction, you're going to find something to admire here. – The Haunted Reading Room

 This is a novel that has a little something for everyone, whether you’re looking for humor, adventure, alternative history, or horror. I didn’t know that I desperately needed a monster hunter buddy comedy slash terrifying cosmic vampire tale starring Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker, but I absolutely, positively did. – We Who Walk Here